iWatch? Yah or Nah.

The CEO isn’t quite new anymore, but he still has something to prove. He stands before an audience of passionate fans and promises a new digital device that, though not the first of its kind, will redefine its category so thoroughly that all predecessors will become irrelevant. The device even has a scroll wheel and […]


Meet Dorothy Dandridge

This fall we are honoring one of Hollywood’s Legends Ms. Dorothy Dandrigde through our FOXXY COFFY line of clothing and doo dads. FOXXY COFFY is a line that is dedicated to educating the world of the rich legacy and imprint of the black female actresses and entertainers. Dorothy Dandridge was a fighter.  Growing up in […]


Iphones Got Competition

  The Fire Phone is Watching You
On stage at Amazon’s Seattle unveiling of the Fire phone, CEO Jeff Bezos said it’s “really good at tracking faces.” The Fire phone will use four dedicated front-facing cameras with an especially wide field of view to recognize and track where your head is, where you’re looking and how […]


Celebrity faces merged with 19th century portraits

Replace face is an ongoing series of portraits where modern celebrities are transported back in time into the role of 19th-century Russian generals. As we have seen before,  artist Steve Payne is behind the clever compositions that redefine the idea of a classic painting. Using digital copies of English portrait artist George Dawe’s work, Payne meticulously matches […]


Absorbing sound paneling never looked so good

Swedish design studio FORM US WITH LOVE never ceases to amaze me.  Their creative designs are not only clever, they’re pretty fun as well. Their latest is BAUT Truallia, is from their new design brand BAUX, that consists of a collection of sound absorbing wall panels like no other. The environmentally friendly panels are made of wood wool, […]


The Art of Abstract Furniture

Seoul, Korea-based furniture designer and artist brought both of his interests together for a collection of experimental furniture for his Drawing Series exhibition. With a deep love and interest for working with metal, Jin il Park chose steel to craft abstract armchairs, lamps, and a table from his inspiring drawings. The idea was to create simple, yet dynamic furniture […]



Stop putting limitations on GOD. With that Faith you can speak to mountains in your life and move them. Feed the Eagle that is bursting to fly within you so you can sore past the heavens. Matt. 17:20 - He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you […]



YOU ARE GREAT! and not basic. There are times in our lives when we feel very bad about choices we’ve made. This guilt or disappointment weighs us down to a point of stagnation. God has called us to be peculiar…to be and react differently to situations that life throws at us. This reaction is really […]

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